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ITSI Focus Areas Institute for Emerging Technologies & Social Impact

Focus Areas


ITSI will work to conceptualize, curate and promote ideas for technological progress and regulatory frameworks that work symbiotically to the mutual benefit of each. Regulation must serve technology and creativity, rather than the other way around.

- 01

The Future of Transport

Autonomous technologies lie at the heart of the 5th industrial revolution. Driverless cars could serve to save thousands of lives each year and increase productivity by sparing us long journeys, while electric vehicles are indispensable to any plans for a net-zero future.

Innovation in public transport also goes hand in hand with economic growth, social mobility and public health. However automation sits on a landscape abound with regulatory hazards and legal minefields. It our responsibility to harness its potential without harming people.

- 02

The Future of Energy

Energy is the pulse of our day-to-day life and how we create and use it is changing rapidly. The rise of renewable energy is also prompting changes in power networks. Since the industrial revolution the geopolitics of energy have been a driving factor in global security and prosperity.

It our responsibility to build infrastructure that empowers the populations it caters to and decreases their vulnerability to external attack.

- 03

The Future of Finance

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to lay the foundations for a more open and inclusive global financial system, while blockchain technology can empower civil society through unmediated and verifiable contractual obligations.

By the same token, Central Bank Digital Currencies might accrue the capacity to increase state control over individual citizens and quash civil liberties. It is our responsibility to ensure this groundbreaking technology serves the good of the people.

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